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About Us

R-STRUCT ENGINEERING S.r.l. is a young engineering company born in 2017 from the joining of the professional experiences of the founders, result of over 15 years of works and researches in the civil engineering field, with particular specialization in existing structures and cultural heritage buildings. The company is highly skilled in seismic vulnerabilities assessments, restoration of historic masonry buildings, advanced modeling of complex structures and manufacts. Furthermore, the company manages all aspects of the construction process, from design to works supervision and final certification.

The company collaborates with major architectural firms, public administrations and private clients, with the aim of facing the design challenges with an engineering approach, offering solutions to the most complex problems.

This approach was consolidated through the experiences on the seismic field carried out by the members of the company, which operated in the main Italian earthquake areas, starting from L’Aquila 2009 to Emilia 2012 and Central Italy 2016. They have worked in strict cooperation with the fire brigade specialized teams, designing safety interventions for damaged historical buildings and supervising the execution phases. Moreover, they have developed several projects for consolidation and seismic improvement of existing damaged buildings.

R-Struct Engineering therefore offers a high level of specialization in structural restoration and seismic improvement of historic buildings, reinforced concrete constructions and existing bridges. Using a scientific approach, based on the results of surveys and on-site tests, the designed interventions are developed according to the restoration criteria such as reversibility and minimal intervention.

The assessment of seismic vulnerability that affects existing buildings is performed through both local models and global behaviour analysis, using advanced finite element software that allows to evaluate the actual behaviour of the structures under live loads or severe actions like earthquakes or induced displacements (settlements, out-of-plumb, etc.).

This allows to identify the critical elements and to understand whether and which strengthening intervention should be applied, with a minimal approach philosophy, possibly supported by specific performance monitoring systems.

The company also deals with advanced modeling of both historic manufacts and industrial equipment, offering its own experience to evaluate the behaviour of particular objects loaded by cyclical forces or exceptional actions such as earthquakes or explosions.


Eng. Marco Mocellini: CEO, Construction Engineer

Eng. Filippo Casarin, PhD: Technical Director, Construction Engineer



Eng. Giulia Bettiol, PhD: Safety Expertise, Construction Engineer


Eng. Sonia Bellin: Civil Engineer


Eng. Martina Pavanetto: Construction Engineer

Manuela Meduri, Administrative Area, Doctor of Law