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The assessment of the seismic vulnerability that affects existing buildings is developed both through local models and through global behavior analysis, using advanced finite element software that allow to evaluate the behavior of structures subject to static actions and actions of the earthquake. This makes it possible to identify the critical elements and to understand if and which reinforcement intervention should be applied, with a minimal approach philosophy…

Latest achievements

Casino Mocenigo

Murano (VE), Italy

The building, dating back to the early 1600s, is an important example of Venetian architecture, enriched by important frescoes by pupils of Paolo Veronese, such as Benedetto Caliari and Dario Varotari, with themes dedicated to music, poetry and love.

Client: Sirecon s.r.l

Year: 2018-2019

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

Grancona City Hall

Val Liona (VI), Italy

The task involved the assessment of seismic vulnerability of the municipality of Grancona, a building considered strategic under the OPCM 3362/04.

Client: Municipality of Val Liona (VI)

Year: 2018

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

San Germano dei Berici City Hall

Val Liona (VI), Italy

Execution of seismic vulnerability assessment of the Municipality of San Germano dei Berici, a building built in the ’70s with mixed masonry-concrete structure, and of the adjacent expansion  built in 2000.

Client: Municipality of Val Liona (VI)

Year: 2018

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

Pizzoli Sport Centre

Bologna, Italy

The Pizzoli sports Centre is a masonry building, built at the starting of XX century as a public laundry and now partly used as an elderly center and gym, and partly disused.

The task involved the execution of the seismic vulnerability test.

Client: Municipality of Bologna

Year: 2018

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

Finance Guard Barracks

Belluno, Italy

This historical building in Belluno downtown, used by the Finance Guard Command, is a masonry building inserted in a building aggregate of the historic centre, with an extension made with reinforced concrete located in the internal garden. The task involved the execution of the seismic vulnerability anayses.

Client: Finance Guard

Year: 2018

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

Perfostati Building

Cerea (VR), Italia

The former Perfosfati factory was built in 1908 as a chemical fertilizer factory and later abandoned in 1988.

The structure has been recently recovered with an expositive, commercial and recreational destination, and in relation to the new intended use the seismic vulnerability analysis has been performed.

Client: Municipality of Cerea

Year: 2015

Work: Structural Design

Works amount: € —

Don Bosco Elementary schools Campoformido (UD), Italy

The Don Bosco school in Campoformido consists of two buildings, built in 2007 before the entry into force of the NTC2008.

The first, the actual school is a reinforced concrete structure with laminated wood cover, while the second, used as canteen, is a metal structure.

Client: Ing. Bruno Driusso

Year: 2018

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

“Monumento ai Caduti” Kindergarten

Motta di Livenza (TV), Italy

The “Monumento ai Caduti” kindergarten is a complex building, consisting of a historical masonry construction, an expansion in a mixed masonry-concrete structure and a recent extension made with metal structure.

Client: Ing. G. Gargan

Year: 2018

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

Karmel Building

Rishon Le Zion (Tel Aviv), Israel

The assessment of seismic vulnerability concerned a historic masonry building, located in Rishon Le Zion, district of Tel Aviv (Israel), subject to a restructuring and functional adaptation

Client: Schaffer & Ronen Conservation Engineering ltd

Year: 2016

Work: Seismic vulnerability assessment

Condominio a Vicenza

Vicenza, Italia

The tasks regarded the seismic assessment of a residential building, property of Vicenza municipality.

The seismic assessment was required in order to verify the effects caused by the demolition of an adjacent building.

Committente: AIM Vicenza

Anno: 2011

Lavoro: Verifica di vulnerabilità sismica