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The company also deals with advanced modeling of both historic artefacts and equipment for the industry, making available its expertise in order to assess the behavior of particular objects subjected to cyclical actions or exceptional actions such as earthquakes or explosions.

Latest achievements

Vaults of Sanctuary of Monteortone

Monteortone, Abano Terme (PD), Italy

The consolidation of the vaults of the Santuario di Monteortone, which showed cracks and lowerings, required an in-depth study with advanced modeling using linear and non-linear analyses.

Client: Parish of Monteortone

Year: 2016

Work: Modeling with FEM software

Dar  Al Counsul

Jerusalem, Old City

The aggregate of Dar Al Consul, inside the Old City of Jerusalem, presents complex stratifications due to different constructive eras. The study of the static and seismic behaviour of the structures was carried out through a complex global finite element modeling.

Client: Custody of Holy Land

Year: 2015-in progress Work: Modeling with FEM software

Mammuthus meridionalis

Abruzzo National Museum L’Aquila, Italy

The stress study of the bones constituting the skeleton of Mammuth, kept at the National Museum of Abruzzo in L’Aquila, and of the support structure was achieved through finite element modeling and advanced analysis in the nonlinear field.

Client: Abruzzo National Museum, L’Aquila

Year: 2013

Work: Modeling with FEM software

Motor Control Center

Vicenza, Italy

Modeling and static and seismic analysis of an electrical cabinet to be installed in a nuclear powerplant.

Client: LAFER s.r.l.

Year: 2012

Work: Modeling with FEM software