Don Bosco Secondary school
Monticello Conte Otto (VI), Italy

The Don Bosco Institute in Monticello Conte Otto is a school built in the ’70s entirely using reinforced concrete structures. It was a very fragile structure, due the designer choice to realize the classrooms above the gym hall and the auditorium, using r.c. beams with 13meters span. Furthermore all the slabs suffered of plaster detachment risk.

The designed interventions provided the consolidation and reinforcement of the beams with great span, using carbon fiber strips (FRP). All the slabs have also been protected using structural countertop in order to avoid the falling of plaster and protect them in case of fire.

Appointment: 2019
Completion: 2020
Client: Municipality of Monticello Conte Otto (VI)
Task: Seismic assessment, final design and works supervision of structural consolidation interventions