Nursey school “Cavalier Domenico Tibaldo”
Sarego (VI), Italy

The School “Cavalier Domenico Tibaldo”, located in Sarego (VI), is a historical masonry building built in the early 1900s and subsequently extended with additions attached to the original part.

It is 2 storeys building, made with stone masonry walls; first floor is made by concrete slabs, secondo floor and roof are instead made by wooden beams.

The project plans the static and seismic retrofitting of the building, made reinforcing the existing walls using grouting technique and structural lime plaster. Wooden slab and roof have been also consolidated and reinforced using crossed wooden bords as structural bracing.
Intervention is completed by the realization of structural countertop as fire protection of the horizontal structures.

Appointment: 2021
Completion: In progress
Client: Municipality of Sarego (VI)
Task: Final design and Works Supervision