Balliana School
Sacile (PN), Italy

The Balliana-Nievo School is a historical building in Sacile (PN), built in different phases. It is composed by the main building, built in the early ‘900, and two extensions, realized in the Seventies, with an overall covered surface that is about 4400 square meters.
The original building is made with masonry walls and concrete slabs; the roof is made with wooden trusses; the extensions are instead made in part with reinforced concrete walls and in part with r.c. frames.

The task was the design of the seismic improvement interventions, considering the historical value of the building and the conservation criteria imposed by the Cultural Heritage Authority.

First of all, it has been decided to realize a seismic joint between the original part and the extensions, in order to regularize the dynamic behaviour and reduce the eccentricity of the structural elements.

The historical building has been reinforced using compatible technologies, such as lime mortar grouting and lime structural plaster; bracing systems have been introduced on each floor and on roof.

The extension buildings have been instead reinforced introducing new r.c. seismic walls and using innovative technologies, such as carbon fibre strips.

Appointment: 2020
Completion: 2021
Client: Municipality of Sacile (PN)
Task: Preliminary design