Structural design for existing buildings and cultural heritage

Structural design applied in the restoration field is the main specialization of the company, given by the experience of the founders who have performed several studies, projects and researches on cultural heritage and existing buildings, in particular on the seismic field after the main recent earthquakes in Italy (from L’Aquila 2009 to Center Italy 2016).
A scientific approach is used to understand the structural capacity of existing buildings and their main weaknesses, starting from the results of surveys and on-site tests to the accurate modeling and analysis.
Every single project is developed through a tailoring design, studying and adapting every detail to the historical features of the building, according to restoration criteria such as reversibility and minimal intervention.

Seismic analyses and design

R-Struct is highly specialized in all performances in the fields of structural engineering, dealing with all type of structures, especially as regards analysis of existing buildings, such as schools, private or public buildings and industrial warehouse, and the design of all interventions of static and seismic retrofitting.
The assessment of seismic vulnerability that affects existing buildings is performed through both local models and global behaviour analysis, using advanced finite element software that allows to evaluate the actual behaviour of the structures under live loads or severe actions like earthquakes or induced displacements (settlements, out-of-plumb, etc.). This allows to identify the critical elements and to understand whether and which strengthening intervention should be applied, with a minimal approach philosophy, possibly supported by specific performance monitoring systems.

Structural modeling

R-Struct also supports other companies and clients offering advanced modeling services. The wide knowledge of finite element software allows the evaluation of the static and dynamic behaviour of very specific manufacts, from historical objects, such as statues, archaeological items or skeletons, to industrial equipment, which require the resistance to very severe actions, as earthquake, fire or explosions.

Building information modeling

R-Struct makes use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach, which allow a shared and efficient design, fully coordinated with partners and clients. The company does not only offer the simple modeling of projects but deals with the entire project management process, controlling geometries, functions, development time and costs.